Friday, 17 May 2013

iPanel Malaysia, Get Paid from Surveys

Paid Surveys are a nice way to earn extra money online from home. iPanel Malaysia introduces you to the world of online paid surveys and teaches you how to make money from them at home. Check out and join iPanel Malaysia, the best paid survey panels for Malaysians!!

What is iPanel

iPanelonline is a professional survey agent, now established in many countries such as United States and China. It is a platform for companies worldwide to distribute surveys, eliminating the need to physically approach and contact respondents. As a reward for your answering effort, iPanel pays you money, and there are special offers occassionally!
In iPanel, you collect points and exchange the points for cash. 

Just answer surveys, u get cash!!

How does iPanel actually work?

      Does iPanel has anything to lose? No. Because it FREE, you do not have to spend any capital (modal) to start this!! Besides, it has lucrative offer, many people are joining, thus increasing its respondent base (consisting various group of people). It helps companies finish the surveys (that often target certain age or group of people) quickly. iPanel gains reputation and get paid. As a reward, it pays its member. So every member in iPanel has at least done payout once, because a lot of surveys from companies give them a lot points! 

      iPanel has a lot of surveys that are worth a lot of points, based on the length of the survey. Most common are 300 points, there are plenty up to 1000 points.  Every 100 points, you can convert the currency value to RM1. If you want to do survey in the future, you can also submit your survey in iPanel so you do not need to physically approach/contact or find respondents. The survey can finish quick in iPanel.

      What are you waiting for? Join now! Besides earning money, it also helps in your survey project. You can even add "Survey was done online in a survey hosting site." into the "Methodology of survey" section in your  project. Sounds cool ya? Professional, right? What people do not know is that, you are also making money :)

1) Register here (to get 30 free points upon registration), and activate your free account through email
2) Wait and receive surveys (usually 300 points), or manually look for survey
3) Collect points and exchange them for cash