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Make Money With IPanelonline Malaysia

It's like a part time job, earn extra income online
Survey Malaysia, make money from answering survey in iPanelOnline

iPanelonline is a professional survey agent, now established in many countries such as United States and China. It is a platform for companies worldwide to distribute surveys, eliminating the need to physically approach and contact respondents. As a reward for your answering effort, iPanelOnline pays you money, and there are special offers occassionally!

In iPanelOnline, you collect points and exchange the points for cash. See details:


1) Register here (to get 30 free points upon registration), and activate your free account through email. It's FREEE

2) Wait and receive surveys (usually 300 points), or manually look for survey 

3) Collect points and exchange them for cash

points - cash in RM
    500  -  RM5
 1000  -  RM10
 5000  -  RM50
10000  -  RM100

While it is impossible to become my main income, I earn up to some serious RM200 - 300 per month pocket money. It pays you through check or PayPal, the easy to use and secure online transaction service which registration just requiring an email address. 

Register Here to get 30 points upon registration!

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