How to Create PayPal Account

This is the best method to receive payments online because its fast ,secure and simple . Ipanelonline pays by this method .So you have to make a Paypal account(its free too!) .

To make a paypal account follow the instructions
1. Visit or here.
2. Click on signup and select a personal account.

3. Get Started with Personal Account (FREE). Personal accounts are recommended if you just buy things online

4. Fill up the form

5. Done with that, you will be asked to fill in credit card or debit card information. To those who have a credit or debit card, you can proceed fill the information. But, for those who dont have it (like me :p) you can just click Go To My Account 
6. Confirm your email address by clicking the link in the confirmation email PayPal sends you. This is done to verify that the email address is, in fact, correct.

7. Please answer your security questions. Then submit

8. For those who dont have credit or debit card, you can link your bank account to PayPal so that cash can be transferred to your bank account. Add your bank account by clicking this option and entering all of your banking information. This information will consist of your routing and account number. You will also need the name of your bank plus a little other personal information like your address when you signed up for your bank account.

List of Malaysian MEPS bank routing code
Click Add Bank Account..

Once the account is made activate it by confirming it with your email.
congratulations ! This is all you need to earn about RM200 per month.

Fill in Your Paypal information in Your iPanel Account

Start with answering surveys and Earn CASHH!!

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